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18 February 2008 @ 04:58 am
"Call me after you get back, or I swear to God I will kick your ASS!"  


The weather here has been unseasonably warm and dry; I don't think it has rained since I came back, and there has more often than not been ample sunshine.

It's gotten much colder in the last couple of days, though.  Perhaps things are getting back to normal?  I rather liked the bright, flawless blue skies though.  Some lovely sunrises.


The visit home was swell.  I was right to keep it relatively secret; as soon as it got out that I was home everyone in the universe wanted me to hang out with them for a while.  On the upside, I had lunch engagements for the entire two weeks or so by the end of the second day I was home, and half of my dinners had been called dibs on.  Made me feel reasonably warm and fuzzy inside.  Also, I was able to gain 7 pounds!  I'm rather proud of that accomplishment.

I had especially good times with a lot of my former coworkers, and of course a lot of friends that I hadn't seen for some time even before I left.  It goes without saying that I got to spend a lot of good times with Fiesty and Meagan.

That reminds me...   I need to call Fiesty or she might destroy me.


Anyway, Seeing the family is always good, and so is a little target practice out at the Thompson estate.  I regret that I didn't get to spend a little more time out there, actually.

I had tea and dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Bridges.  I've always rather like them, and I'm glad that things are going well for them and theirs.

Sandy gave me custody of Claus Von Buhler.  That's always proven useful for some of teh good timez.

Eh.  A lot of other stuff happened, but really it's more of the same.

Oh, wait.  I took the LSAT.  First standardized test I ever took that I thought was really hard. 

It sucked.  A lot.  I feel as though I did terribly on it.  But from what I understand of the scoring norms, hopefully that'll turn out to mean 'reasonably well'.


Council has voted to invite Her Majesty the Queen to visit the University in its Centennary.  It's unlikely she'll come, but it'd be awfully nice if she did.


Tragically, I have also missed several football practices as a result of my trip home, then I was a bit ill saturday evening and all day today, and alas, that added to my tally of missed practices.  I'm concerned with regard to my readiness when our first scrimmage match comes up.

Let's face it; that whole 'physical grace' thing never game well to me and I'm a pretty crappy player.  Advantages; I'll hit anything and I can absorb a lot of damage.


Ah!  Good news - the Italian Synod of Bishops has decided that porn, in general, is bad!  Good show.  Glad they cleared that one up for us.


I love how non-condescending the government here in the Kingdom is in dealing with the people they are appointed to serve.  Even better, their dedication to preserving the individual rights and freedoms of choice that are the hallmarks of democracy fill my heart with joy!


Kosovo has declared its independence from Serbia.  Many of my fellows really won't care, but it's a very dymanic development.  Even moreso, for Americans, since we've exerted a great deal of effort over Kosovo.  I'll keep my opinions on this development to myself until I've had time to read a little more on the development.


Let us annoy her further.

First was ensign, later Lieutenant (see, the women I fall for are upwardly mobile!) Ro Laren, from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I used to rush to finish my chores so I could run back to the house and watch ST:TNG, back in the day.

Admittedly; the whole Bajoran nose-ridge thingy is a bit off-putting, but my tragic weakness for strong-willed brunettes was formed with this 'un.  And admit it; look past the ridges, and she's pretty good lookin'.  Of course she eventually broke my heart by disobeying Captain Picard's orders and joining the Maquis, a group of terrorists/freedom fighters waging a private war against the Cardassian Union over some former Federation colony worlds ceded to the Union in a peace treaty intended to stave off a major war.

Then when I was going through my Farscape kick, came Peacekeeper Officer Aeryn Sun.  Frankly, I don't know what else a guy could want; clever, strong personallity, great style, wit, and guns.  I mean, attractive brunettes with excellent accents, military bearing, and powerful firearms; only fictional women can be so perfect.

Of course she broke my heart to.  This happened:

She married John Crichton!  The nerve!  Like, I know - right!?  I suppose it's the one real flaw of those perfect fictional women (whose only flaws are engineered specifically to make them more endearing).  They fall for the protagonist Hero, who is unfortunately as equally lacking in real flaws as they are, so I suppose that there is, at least, symmetry.

Anyway, then came Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax:

Now, don't let the spots fool you, she's isn't an alien like Ro Laren.  Well, not really.  Exactly.  Ahem.  See, she's one of a near-human species called Trills, and some of them carry symbionts that carry shared memories from their previous hosts, allowing as many as ten (or more) generations of wisdom, experience, and learning to survive and continue contributing to society.  So they're exactly like humans except for having the little thingies inside of them, and the brown spots.

She, of course, also broke my heart when this happened:

For those of you slightly confused at the horrible wardrobe and the over-familiar chaste embrace being exchanged by Jadzia Dax and everyone's favorite Klingon... they got frickin' married!  She married a Klingon!  Look at his head for crissakes, it's like a crab's hindquarters!  Alas, it's just the way of things.


Right, so my geek is showing.  A lot.  So be it.
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winksmilekisswinksmilekiss on February 19th, 2008 03:08 pm (UTC)
Dax and Worf...ahhh, so cute!

I had a crush on the Doctor from Deep Space Nine. Though Data and Picard were always close seconds. And I once met Q in real life, but I have to say, no sparks there.