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12 September 2008 @ 09:53 am
Stupid is as stupid does.  
First: righteous indignation.

Celebrities really need to shut the hell up.

Celebutards in general irritate me (and I'm not alone.)  They're welcome to their opinions, but have to accept the scrutiny that comes with it considering their fame; especially when they say something so very galactically stupid.

This particular case is one that, in my opinion, links to a wider problem among Americans who consider themselves "Irish".

You're not Irish.  Most of you have have never seen Ireland.  Most of you have never seen an Irishman.  Not in your whole lives.  But you go to little Irish pubs and talk about how Irish your grandmother was and if there's a little jar at the end of the bar that says "For Ireland!" you've put ten bucks in there and feel good about yourself.  You've done this for thirty years and more.

Way to help.  You know what they - Catholic and Protestant - tend to call you?  Plastic Paddies.

True Fact: The IRA (Provisional, Real, or otherwise) is a terrorist organization.  Both the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland identify them as such.  This is also true of the UDA, UVF, and a gaggle of other loyalist paramilitaries.  These people do bad things to people.  During the Troubles they indiscriminately killed wide ranges of people - Protestant, Catholic, Jew, Presbyterian, Pagan; whatever - by planting bombs in neighborhoods and crowded downtown areas.

You want to glorify the 'Bold struggle to free Ulster from British dominion' by making loud noises about 'the good fight'?  Go to google, and type in "Omagh Bomb", or "Enniskillen Bomb" or "Lisburn Bomb". 

Then come talk to me.

Y'know what?  Lemme make it easer.  Omagh Bomb.  Eniskillen BombLisburn Bomb.

And if you wanted to glorify 'The Glorious Defense of the Kingdom!' then don't worry; them that shout 'Fear God and Honour the Queen!' have done things just as distasteful.

In Omagh, many of the victims weren't even Irish; many were tourists.  Many were children.  The bomb went off in their down-town shopping district.  In Eniskillen they targeted a public gathering on Remembrance Day at the city's War Memorial, striking when people were most vulnerable.  In Lisburn the morons were trying to kill a police officer, and instead nearly killed an innocent fifty year old teacher, and who knows how many of her neighbors!

Glorious.  Valiant.  Go join up, Miss McGowan.

Rhetoric like the crap being spewed from Miss McGowan's mouth by Americans - famous and humble - have been helping get people killed in towns and cities all over Ulster for decades.  That money you put into jars?  It is not too far fetched to mentally translate that directly into it's worth in guns and explosives.

This example is especially disgusting, as Miss McGowan's new release is a film about Martin McGartland - a man who joined the IRA so as to pass information to Security Forces.  He is personally responsible for saving lives.  As a result, when his identity was discovered he had to escape at great risk to his own life, and was re-settled in Northumbria.  When his identity became known, he suffered an attack and was shot six times, barely surviving and going back into hiding.

Great job, Miss McGowan.  Your enlightened views are well taken.  I would suggest that you invest a little time in taking a look at the realities you're so blithely glorifying when you comment on 'the Cause'.  I now believe that you're one of those people who needs to have her speaking privileges revoked for at least a month.

Main point: my preaching aside, the fact of the matter is that when this situation is treated the way many Americans of Irish descent - protestant and Catholic - treat it, by glorifying one side or the other in the context of their paramilitary terrorist activities, that rhetoric literally gets people killed where the metal meets the meat.

>>>Edit: Actually, I think she should really just go ahead and join the Real IRA, and see how much she likes it.  I'd pay to see that movie.

>>>Edit: This was pointed out to me as a fine example of 'the good times funny.'


Here's more! 

Thank you, Matt Damon, for your brilliant political commentary!  I hadn't seen it, but you're right!  Palin does resemble one of those Disney movies!  The resemblance between her life-story and a bit of film that glorifies the potential of the average American to accomplish great things in the context of this Republic TOTALLY makes me terrified that she might become president!

And Pam, wow!  I've always had great respect for the effect that you've had on the course of American democratic thought, but now your critique of such a vicious woman - she hunts and kills animals!  Omigahwhathehell!


Law school continues.


Actually... that's just about it.  A lot of life revolves around law school and work.  ... and being irritated by stupid people.

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(Anonymous) on September 13th, 2008 02:58 am (UTC)
Well said sir,

phillipos: Alonephillipos on September 14th, 2008 05:26 am (UTC)
Eh, just figure that I dislike the fact that often when an American is mentioned in the Belfast Telegraph I end up feeling like I have explaining to do.
(Anonymous) on October 6th, 2008 11:19 am (UTC)
keep working!
Greets! Really amazing. Big ups! Tnx!