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14 March 2008 @ 10:59 pm
"Hello, habitat, I'm bac-ACK! Hot! Cannot... breathe...!"  
My football team had its first 'game'.  Really it was just a scrimage against the Dublin Saints, but good times were had.  We won 26-0, and five of their players were injured, including their first and second string quarterbacks.  I myself bore Irishmen outweighing me by four stone to the ground on no less than three occasions.

Of course, on one play I put my center of gravity to far forward and one clever fellow pushed down on my helmet so that I went down with embarassing speed.  Yeah.  But I had him for it on the next play, it it was largely all right.

One behemoth I took down had the ill grace to land hard on my left arm, leaving quite the whoppin' bruise.  My wrist and forearm were sore for most of the week.  But nonetheless, we did frightfully well.


Class is out until late April sometime.

Life is good for me.


I was invited as a principle guest to the Limavady Rotary Club's Presidents' night; a fantastic ball in the Radisson Hotel in Limavady.  It was absolutely fabulous; the food was fantastic, the company was excellent, and the entertainment was wonderful.  They brought in a professional comedian to do an hour long set, and then... the dancing.

Unfortunately I was the only one their who knew how to dance.

Forunately, being able to spin girls around without stepping on their feet is enough, and some of them learned quick.

I also got an invitation to the East Belfast Club's 40th Anniversary Ball.  That could be quite good...


Got a tour of Stormont from an Assembly member for the UUP.  Good times.


Next week is going to be fantastic; among other things Max is flying in on Sunday, and he'll be here for a full week.  Good times will be had by all.  And St. Patrick's day approaches!


George RR Martin.

I have mixed feelings about him.  I like that he takes his plots seriously, in that he puts characters in deadly serious situations... that actually result in his death.  It's unlike other novels that, frankly, have characters survive such a myriad of deadly circumstances that it just doesn't matter anymore.

"JAMES BOND lay suspended by a burning rope ten feet above a tank filled with sharks driven into a frenzy of hunger by the bloody water!  Will he survive!?"

Yawn.  Of course he will.  He survived the laser beam to the crotch thing, and the bomb thing, and all the other things.  Do you expect me to seriously worry?

Martin, though... he's not kiddin' around.  He invests 700 pages in the first novel to a character, making you genuinely love him... and then he's dead.  BAM.  In an instant.

So at first you think it's a trick; he's somehow survived.  But you know what?  Not so much.  Then you're angry - how dare you George RR Martin!?  You killed someone I care about!  Now I'll kill someone you care about! ... only I can't because I'm too worried you're about to kill off someone else I like, so I'm too busy reading.

In the end... I am for George RR Martin, for this simple reason - he's not full of crap.  And while I miss the characters that die, I also never failed to take them seriously.


It got really cold, so I switched my radiator from one of it's two settings to the other.  Now that it's gone from 'Off' to 'nuclear' it's ungodly hot in here.  Lame.


I was elected to attend the NUS conference for Queens at Blackpool in early April.  Since I'll be in England anyway, I was going to hop over to visit Rhia for a while, but it's looking like that might not work out after all.

Ah, well.  There's still a chance...


I have been accused of stealing the Blarney stone.

I defended myself from this vile attack upon my honour, insisting that I would never!

So they then contended that I had swallowed it, instead.

... I neither confirm nor deny.


I'm finding that if one is in an uncertain social situation, being brazenly and totally outrageous can somehow completely negate all possible negative outcomes.

Further, I am worried that I am becoming a little to comfortable over here, where I can do pretty much anything I want because I'm leaving in July.  Coming home will be somewhat limiting.

Then again, I have had no ill consequences as a result of some truly outrageous utterances and hehaviours.  Quite the opposite, really.

Hmmmm... acting as if negative consequences are an impossibility for the rest of my life could be an interesting life-philosophy.

... and I have a great song that goes with it!
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