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06 October 2008 @ 08:48 am
"... it's the only tea endorsed by the 6th Earl Grey."  
Whoever you are reading this right now, whether I know you or not, whether I love you or not, I feel that you should be aware:

I would gladly sell you into slavery for your weight in Coleraine Cheddar.

Hell, they could have you for half.

I'm sorry to tell you this way, but really, it's best that we be honest with each other.


Right.  Election.  Whatever.

This is being pointed out to people as a sign of how crazy-freaky Obama and his supporters are.  I'm of two minds on this topic.

On the one hand, I do find it vaguely unnerving, and the use of Obama as a emotionally-based feel-good icon is troubling.  The manner in which people venerate does look, at times, like the veneration of the saints.  I don't much care for it.

... so what?

The thing that should be kept in mind here is the theoretically objective subjectivity of politics.

Yeah, yeah, contradiction in terms.  I made the phrase up and liked it, so pftbtbtbtbtbtb to you.  My point is that we're subjective about our political desires; but we should also be more or less objective in understanding the relevative nature of our views in a massive body politic in which people will vote for what they believe to be best.  Thus, I can disapprove of Obama or the manner in which his supporters behave, and dislike his stances on various issues, and vote against him.

And nobody should rend their garments and freak out about it.

Because everyone still needs to calm the hell down.

Further to the point, I can likewise decide that I'm not so impressed the curmudgeony John McCain and decide I don't like the snide, smug, stodgy condescension of his supporters any more than I like that snide superior 'spritually' enlightened attitudes of Obama's.

The sensationalization of things like that video are only going to muddle the political issues that need be decided come november.  I believe very strongly in the adversarial process of politics and law, and I have an abiding love in the Republic.  If it is the will of the body politic that Obama win, then guess what?  Democracy has worked.  If McCain wins, same point.

But I want the question of the next President of These United States decided by policy issues; not Youtube videos and freakish theatrics.


Pops had a meeting in Batesville Arkansas being put on by an equipment company, and crashed at my place last night.  I didn't actually find out until not too long before he arrived.  I rather enjoyed having a guest, and the apartment was clean anywayz, so good times were had by all.  I made him breakfast and we had tea before I left for ye olde Law Library, and all was well.

As a side-note, I discovered last night that my couch is actually reasonably comfortable.  Good to know.


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winksmilekisswinksmilekiss on October 6th, 2008 08:16 pm (UTC)
Amen to your election commentary. Have you considered Ralph Nader? If a third party gets 5% of the vote, they get money from the feds. mm. money.
phillipos: Black Adamphillipos on October 7th, 2008 12:16 pm (UTC)
I'm afraid that Ralph, being a bit of a nutjob, is beyond my scope of "people I could conceivably pull the lever for".

Poor Ron Paul! Why, God!?