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14 October 2008 @ 09:30 am
"She would never say where she came from..."  
Y'know, this economic crisis has been a bit worrisome.

Even with the Dow's gain of 976 points yesterday coming as a welcome reprieve from the decidedly gloomy tone of the news over the last several weeks, people still seem concerned.  Even jumps from Europe and Asia haven't quite made us feel all warm and fuzzy about the situation.

Allow me to allay your worries.

After all; as long as the market can inadvertantly screw over some terrorist assholes, then there's still hope for American Capitalism!  Yayz!

For the link non-inclined, the happy news is that the IRA are heavily invested on Wall Street, to the tune of something around €200,000.  Their level of risk could be staggering.


And snide.


This morning in Torts class there has already been a reference to Monty Python.  Today could be a very good day.

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