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09 January 2009 @ 09:18 am
Soooooo... about our schedules for the next semester...  
This is something that continually manages to catch my attention.

Honestly, there's nothing new about it at all.  People protest.  Company copes.  It rains.  Protest ends.    Business continues.   People protest.  Repeat.

I keenly remember the first time I saw a sign on the City Wall in Londonderry/Derry, reading something along the lines of "Lord Bless Those Who Have Been Killed By Weapons Built Within This City".

The skinny is this; Raytheon, the US weapons manufacturer, has offices in and a plant near Londonderry/Derry in Northern Ireland.  All manner of craziness has ensued, including several break-ins and acts of vandalism with regard to their offices in the city.

Admittedly, there are those who accuse me of being callus and snide from time to time.  This is probably a fair and just claim.  Nonetheless.  What exactly is it that these people hope to accomplish?  They're celebrating their fiftieth demonstration since 1999.

"Oh yeah.  Fat lot of good those are doin' ya'."

Frankly, if I were an elected official in one of certain number of other towns in Northern Ireland, I'd show up at every one with a sign that said something like, "Relocation = Only Option!  [NAME OF TOWN X] = Not given to Displays of Jackassery!  Think About It!"


As I've stated elsewhere, the fact that a fellow who has just about zero in common with me as far as political philosophy has been accepted by me.  Done.  Within five minutes of the concession speech by Senator McCain, I was reconciled.  "Aw, shucks.  Maybe next time."

But now I'm getting irritated, as I don't remember the last time I read an article from an American news source that didn't somehow link things to Obama.   I can't read the weather forecast without enduring a plug near the end indicating which way President-Elect Obama is expected to react to the chance for scattered showers later in the day.

And on the nominations for executive posts.  Enough!  Dear God, has anywone ever cared in any previous election who was appointed Surgeon General?  I mean, who doesn't like Sanjay Gupta!?  My gut reaction was that Obama went, "Oh yeah, I totally need a Surgeon Gen- hey, what's that on TV?" but still.


Awesome.  I am seized with an deep desire to assemble my most trusted and loyal friends and beat this record, treking into the frigid arctic waste with naught to sustain us but bacon, cheese, and butter.

Perhaps some M&Ms.  Or PeanutButterCups.

Also, there's a picture of a Penguin.  What else could you want?


I'm worried that this demonstrates a lot of things; my first thought on reading this one was,  "What does a fourteen year old need with a cellular telephone!?"

Dear God I'm old, stodgy, and pedantic.


Differences between me and Michael Moore crystalized:

MM - "I really love our government, I think it's great.  It does a lot of things really well, except for the war and Bush and stuff.  We need it to do more to be more effective
PLL - "I think our government is crap.  Well, maybe not all the time.  But most of the time.  A bit crap, at least.  I only want it to do about eight things or so."


It concerns me that the next semester begins the day after the day after tomorrow and I am still sans final schedule.

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winksmilekisswinksmilekiss on January 9th, 2009 10:43 pm (UTC)
Your semester starts on a Saturday?
phillipos: Green Lanternphillipos on January 9th, 2009 11:55 pm (UTC)
Monday. What you be, crazy?

You must have too many friends.