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23 January 2009 @ 08:56 am
"... these points of data make a beautiful line..."  
So I thought my myself, you're kidding right?  But no.  No, there was no kidding here.


I know that a lot of people seem confused on the issue, but the cult of personality that swept him to office has no bearing on the fact that Mr. Obama is the President of These United States, not a reality TV show star.  Considering that his administration has just started getting things up and running and we have a number of ongoing crises, I rather imagine that people need to get used to the idea that he'll be a little too busy to pretend that the White House is the setting for Big Brother: West Wing.  So sorry.


Oh wow.  I mean, really.  Just... wow.  My rampant fiscally conservative streak is cringing.  I can only hope that this isn't where we're headed.

[Props to Michael for bringing this to my attention.]


Wait, we're into Goth kittens now!?

My negative opinion of Emo children and Goth kids is well documented - I just can't abide whiny weepy Simple-Plan-worshipping newage hippies.  Further my lasting affection for cats is pretty much general knowledge, as is my distaste for piercings.

So this is pretty much the sum of all modern cultural evil.  Or would be if they were indoctrinated to become rascist kittens as well.

How did it come to this?


I'm pretty interested to see what happens here.  Frankly, it's a good thing t be interested in, as it has zero effect on my life.

In a nutshell, Sir Hugh Orde is the Chief Constable of Northern Ireland, and Sir Paul Stevenson is the current acting head of the Metropolitan Police Service, responsible for Greater London (otherwise known as Scotland Yard).  These two men are now the last men standing in te run-up to appointing the new permanent head at Scotland Yard.

Sir Ian Blair used to hold the post, but when Boris Johnson was elected Mayor of London they had a few disagreements.  Something along the line of, "Well, something's got to give here, and since I'm the mayor, that probably means you."

I actually met Sir Hugh (in Cork of all places) and he was a much more engaging and candid fellow than I would ever have expected of head of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (formerly the Royal Ulster Constabulary).  Based solely on that, I do hope he wins.


Good grief.  
Will you just give over already!?  And frankly, it's disgusting enough and bad enough that gobs of self-satisfied 'Irish-Americans' provided the financial backing for a good bit of the Troubles - and thus are in my mind directly responsible for the pain, death, anguish and general not-quite-overjoyedness that resulted.

Irish America my ass.


I didn't notice this before it happened, but I found it to be vastly amusing.

>>Edit: Kudos to Michael again, for this.


It's really interesting how the rhetoric of republican idealism in Ireland (and let's be fair; the rhetoric of unionist idealism as well) have changed over the last decade or so.  Amazing how prosperity and the desire to maintain it can change change things.  This ongoing bit highlights the issues perfectly in many ways.



On the off chance any of you are particularly interested in what goes on in Northern Ireland, Slugger O'Toole is a pretty good blog, to which my friend Michael Shilliday contributes.

Michael, as you may recall, is my best mate in Northern Ireland - he of "we damn near had a fist-fight over who got to grill the steaks on the 4th of July" and "so Michael, did I tell you about the time I met the Queen?" fame.

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